Dear Friend, I am so proud to be a finalist in the Miss Australia Pageant and especially to be the Ambassador for The Sunlight Foundation. I'd like to explain why I believe this charity is so important to support.

According to UNICEF, every two minutes a child is being prepared for rape. The Sunlight Foundation’s vision is to give every child their childhood by working to end the monstrous evil of child sex-trafficking.

Thirty children will die today, and every day, from being brutally trafficked for sex. They will die from neglect, starvation, HIV, abuse, drug overdoses, disease or torture. Some will be younger than five years old, yes you did read that correctly. Their average life span is seven years in this vile business. Child sex-slavery is thriving in the poorest countries, like Cambodia, and thousands of children need rescuing from the terror, drugs and brutality that steals not only their childhood but their lives. It is the greatest challenge to our compassion. These innocent children could be your children, in a way they are, and we are all responsible.

I heard the stories from my parents about the tragedies suffered by children during of the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia where my father served and from my mother who lost her own childhood in a Chinese labour camp when she was only eight years old. Horrors like these continue today. That is why I am passionate about this charity. I know that I must be a part of helping, until it all goes away. I know that once the dark secrets get out in the light, things could and can change.

I know I’m very lucky to have the opportunities to do things these children will never dream of doing unless we help. Just like us, they should be able to dream, play, learn and have the opportunities we have to reach their potential in this world.

So, like me, I hope you will do what you can to end this obscene blight on our humanity.

Tiffany Shen
Miss Australia Finalist

Restoring hope, building dignity